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For the 2024 – 2025 school year, Rose Church is hosting an educational pod for 1st through 4th grade students. This will include the subjects of reading, writing, grammar, arithmetic, history, and science.


Abeka will be utilized across grade levels. This curriculum is established on a biblical worldview and the concepts of traditional education.

In addition to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with academic growth, the materials are designed so that students can use their abilities for the glory of God while conforming their character and conduct to the standards of God’s Word.


Christianna Winters is excited to start working with Rose Academy this year. She attended Phonics Phactory Christian School where she received a classical education that would go on to inform her philosophy of education and beyond.

Christianna received her bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics from Portland State University in 2018, simultaneously earning her certification in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). That same year, she began teaching adult ESL courses at Madison High School in Portland, Oregon. Shortly thereafter, Christianna went on to teach 7th and 8th grade English Literature and Latin at Phonics Phactory Christian School until its close in 2020.

During the 2020-2021 school year, Christianna expanded her areas of expertise and began working with children of all ages in all subject areas. That work led her to be on the launch team for 8th Street Academy in 2021, where she worked as 3rd grade teacher and Head of Elementary.

In the spring of 2023, Christianna obtained her Master’s of Arts in Forensic Linguistics from Pennsylvania Western University. In her free time, Christianna directs, choreographs, and even acts in theatrical productions. She has also served as the resident director at Damascus Christian School. She is excited to continue on with her second year of Rose Academy for the 2024-2025 school year. 



September 2024 – May 2025

$350 per student each month
$3,150 for school year

Book Fee/One-Time Fee

Due Upon Registration

$375 includes all necessary

textbooks, worksheets, and readers.


The class will run from 9AM – 2PM, Monday through Thursday.

The school year will start Monday, September 9th, and conclude Thursday, May 29th.