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Rose Church cares about you and is there for you through every part of your journey. Whether you have questions on emotional health, parenting, leadership, or just need some assistance, we have curated a list of resources that will help you navigate through every season of life.

I Love My City

We’re passionate about loving our city and our community. Thanks to your generosity, Rose Church has been able to donate to a countless number of people both locally and globally.


We accept tangible donations year round and seasonally. Check out our needs below and drop off at our ILMC drop off zone or Next Steps Bar at church on Sunday


House of Gifts

Dec 09
Partner with us this holiday season for our annual ILMC House of Gifts event. We want to make sure that...

If you are a member of the commimuty and have a powerful story about how your life has been changed, we would love to hear about it and celebrate what God has done in your life. Our faith grows when you share your story. 

Tell Us Your Story

Mental Health & Counseling Resources

We’ve compiled some local counseling resources that we recommend. If money is not an issue then is a great resources to pair you with a great Christian counselor.

Meet With A Pastor

We would love to chat with you.

New To Portland?

If you are new to the area, we have created a guide for you with all of our favorite spots and recommendations